New Parents


If you have recently learned that your baby has Down syndrome, you probably have questions, concerns and fears right about now.  Learning that your baby has Down syndrome can be overwhelming and you may be experiencing a roller coaster of emotions.  As fellow parents, we know that love and joy are often mixed with pain, fear, grief, uncertainty, disbelief and even guilt.  What you are feeling is natural - most of us have experienced those same confusing emotions.  And while there may be challenges in raising your new baby, there will also be many, many joys.  We feel certain that you soon will find feelings of strength, joy and over-whelming love.

Our best advice for now is this:  ENJOY YOUR NEW BABY!  Your baby needs hugs and kisses, the sound of your voice and that same unconditional love that all babies need.  You are proud parents of a newborn!

Please take extra care of yourself these first few weeks.  Rest, let yourself laugh, cry and enjoy your new baby.  Your baby is very special and we are here to celebrate with you.

Understanding Down Syndrome: